Episode 49: The Tao of Twitter

This week we bring you a departure from how we normally do things. This episode consists of an impromptu conversation that we had in the kitchen while nomming some tasty homemade pasta fagioli.

The topic of discussion is how people on Twitter tend to come across as Hundred Acre Wood characters. We talk about how we perceive ourselves, and how we think others may perceive us.

Please forgive the audio quality on this one. We just fired up our field recorder without really thinking about it. Just to capture the discussion and, perhaps, come back to it later. Looking back, we decided to go ahead and release it as is, without editing – aside from a couple quick cuts where there’s a loud noise, but that’s it. So it’s pretty raw and intimate. And slurp-tastic. In fact, one might even say we could stand to take an etiquette lesson or two.

Please e-mail us if it’s too distracting, as Viv is leaning towards not doing this type of recording again.

As we say in the recording, please chime in and let us know how you see yourself and perhaps how you think people perceive you!

Things we discuss:

Episode 48 – Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Happy Labor Day Weekend (well, in the US anyway).

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 47 – BlenderCon 2010

Summery comes to a close, well at least as far as school and such are concerned. Con Season is also winding down and we continue the third year of our “BlenderCon” tradition.

Things we mention include:

Episode 46 – California Dreamin

Heeeeeeeellllo Internets! Feels good to be back in The Burrow to bring another episode of ITB.

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 45 – Live at Balticon

We were happy to have another opportunity to do a live show at Balticon. This year we are joined by three luminaries of podcasting who came together to discuss 3D usage in movies, upcoming reboots, and their favorite films of all time.

Our guest are:

Balticon New Media Party

The 2010 New Media Party at Balticon begins on Saturday (5/29) at 11 pm in the Derby. It will include a costume contest with prizes for the best four costumes, Tee Morris as DJ, Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit as the Master of Ceremonies, and include live acoustic music by Phil Rossi (and possibly a special guest).

Chooch and I do not receive funds to throw this party, and pay for it out of our own pockets. We have purchased the prizes and decorations and are over budget in the hopes of making this party better than last year. We are still providing light refreshments, but are hoping for contributions.

Many thanks to M.A. in Pa for the material and baked goods donated, and to Paulette Jaxton for the offer of funds.

We are greatly saddened to ask for contributions, but even after canceling our costumes and funneling that money to the party we are still short. Which is why we’ve reluctantly created a Chip In account and are asking for donations via PayPal.

It bears noting that the alcohol at last year’s New Media Party was generously provided by Evo Terra and Podiobooks.com. This year, we will not be providing alcohol but will not prevent you from bringing your own.

If you would prefer to give cash when at Balticon, that is greatly appreciated as well.

P.G. Holyfield

We are happy to bring you an interview with the talented P.G. Holyfield. P.G. has a book launching soon and we had a chance to talk about it with him along with his writing process, gaming, and lots of other odds & ends.

We love talking to P.G. so much that this went a bit long (just under an hour), so the episode doesn’t have any news or updates for us- we jump straight into the interview!

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting

Welcome to April. Spring has sprung and the pollen monsters are attacking our sinuses, but hey- there’s no more snow!

This time we talk about:

  • Somehow we discuss Wendy Williams Slim Jim addiction
  • Our friend Nobilis raises the question about disciplining a child when they’ve had a bad day
  • Kids getting MMO accounts hacked
  • Long distance parenting
  • Promo: Birdhouse Rules

Sci-Fi Fantasy Prom Promo 1

Event: Sci-Fi / Fantasy Prom
Location: Balticon 44 at the Hunt Valley Marriot, Derby Room
When: Saturday, May 29 starting at 11:00pm (2300 hrs)
Duration: Scheduled for 3:00 hours

Prom the way *we* want it

This is the prom where geeks rule, and freak flags fly. The only prom around with costumes and prizes so come as your favorite fantasy or sci-fi character. Don’t have a partner? Throw on an undershirt and bring a toaster – bam, you’re Chief Tyroll!

Music will be DJ’d by Tee Morris, and Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit is the Master of Ceremonies.

Feel free to spread the promo far and wide and add to your podcast!

Thanks to Paulette Jaxton for lending her voice

Snowpocalypse Part Deux

Another ranging discussion about life, the universe, and everything

In this episode we discuss:

  • Viv’s geek chasm
  • Record snow fall
  • Snow burglars break into the house?
  • Kaylee turned 1
  • New Years board gaming
  • Chooch gets a (virtual) bunny
  • CoH Podcast ends
  • T turned 13
  • Kid birthdays suck when they don’t live with you
  • M and his girlfriend may be getting back together (again)
  • J is loving Rock Band
  • Kaylee loves snow
  • Viv’s now a knitter
  • MA’s a Modern Domestic Geek Godess
  • We help Tee get his house back in shape
  • Looking forward to Farpoint
  • Looking forward to Balticon
  • Quickie health update
  • Chooch is still caffeine free – and dreams about soda
  • Promo: Variant Frequencies