Episode 65 – 2011 Wrap Up, Part 2

This episode is part 2 of a car cast where we cover our highlights of 2011.

Apologies again for the audio quality as we’re testing a new set of microphones and the road noise was louder than we anticipated. Listening through we’ve come up with some ways to greatly improve the audio from the car.

Stuff we mention:

Episode 63 – A New Blender

We find ourselves heading into a whole new blender and discuss it a bit.


Main Topic

  • Our future plans – Another blend?!? Shut the front door!
    • Because of the economy and recent events, we are going to be moving in with the Rossi family after our house sells. It benefits both our families tremendously, beyond the financial aspect. We also have another roomie moving in, and with the full count at 6 adults, 2 small children, 3 dogs, 3 cats and one fish, we are finding ourselves in another new realm to adjust to. Far improved from the empty nest, and with ample room for our sons to visit whenever they like.
    • Phil Rossi

Solid Nuggets

  • Viv teases, but does not really discuss.  More on the next episode, but in case you find it useful now…
  • Chooch
    • Google Music
    • Tell Viv why she should ditch Android for an iPhone

Episode 55 – Holiday Survival? Just Barely.

In this episode, we discuss:

Promo: Flying Island Press

Episode 53 – Holiday Update

We’re interrupting our presentation of multi-episode media review with P.G. Holyfield to give an end of the year update.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Thanksgiving Fun
  • Turkey Trot – 5k Race. Viv completes a 5k for the first time EVAR!
  • Dinner at the Thomas and Andrea Gideon’s.
  • Tweet-up for Gabrielle Harbowy and her husband Matt at DFH.
  • Lunch baby playtime with the Seidman’s at Sweetwater Tavern.
  • Con-Struction – An experimental dinner hosted by Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine
  • Feedback from Richard, aka Danger Force.
  • Living Proof Brewcast, a new podcast by Thomas Gideon and John Taylor Williams.
  • Discussion of holiday traditions and survival tips on Viv’s Girls’ Rules Podcast
  • Promo: Nutty Bites
  • Episode 41 – Snowpocalypse One

    This episode is a continuation of Episode 40. We had gone on for well over an hour and had decided to split it up.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • Christmas and LT’s visit update
    • Crusty gamer time with cousins
    • Christmas Day with family
    • J’s excitement over Wii
    • M’s tricky prezzie wrapping
    • M and his girlfriend break up (again)
    • Chooch’s brick & mortar shopping ethos
    • Viv’s health update
    • Promo: The Command Line

    Episode 29 – Feedbacks

    We decided to make this one a feedback episode since we haven’t addressed any in… um… well, I’d rather not say how long 🙂 As a special bonus, our son LT pipes in here and there!

    This episode we mention:

    Episode 26 – Catching Up

    We recount what’s been going on the last few weeks – including a few items missed in the last cast.

    In this episode we discuss:

    Episode 25 – The Holidays

    Yay new cast! Oh wait, that’s not my job 🙂

    We are happy to bring you this December cast about our Holidays and what all we’ve been up to since last time.

    Correction: In the episode Chooch gives his GMail account as the name to add as a PS3 buddy. Actually, the name is “choochus2”. And for some reason, PS3 is case sensitive, so all lower case 🙂

    In this ep we discuss:

    • Our Thanksgiving(s)
    • LotR marathon fail
    • Chooch’s trip to California
    • Christmas
    • Nephews over
    • Video games.. and more video games
    • Little Big Planet (speaking of video games 🙂
    • Last years resolutions and looking forward to 2009


    Promo: Scott Sigler’s Contagious

    Episode 11 – Interview with MAinPA

    This week we discuss our trip to Philadelphia; T’s birthday party(s); A healthy Super Bowl party; and our weekly weigh-ins.

    Then we are proud to bring an interview with MAinPA in which we discuss how to make your kids birthday special when it is so close to Christmas, as well as other challenges with January birthdays.


    • Birthday Express (actually part of Celebrate Express)
    • Frets on Fire — I didn’t mention on the show, but this is a completely free/open source program that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux! It includes the ability to play with a Guitar controller.
    • Flash Hero (aka Keytar Hero)
    • Promo: Better Late Than Never

    Episode 7 – Holiday Traditions

    We hope everybody had (is having?) a wonderful Holiday. This was recorded a few days before Christmas, so it includes a lot of speculation of the holiday. Now that its past, we had a wonderful day and everybody is very happy and contented.

    This episode includes:

    • Our Holiday traditions
    • A call from MAinPA
    • A call from Doug Rapson
    • M’s Holiday concert at school
    • ‘Hey Wanna Watch A Movie’ podcast