About Vivid Muse

About Vivid Muse

Recent events and experiences have resulted in a creative surge in audio, visual and tactile projects. Some have come to light, most have not. Writing, music, photography, yarn play, audio play, gastronomic experimentation and adventure seeking take the forefront now. Creating experiences and memories take top billing over acquisition or checking off accomplishment lists.

I’m the wife of my co-host Chooch, mother of two sons from my previous marriage (Naughty Bear, 20 and L.T., 14) and step-mother to Crazy J (11 year old son of hubby’s from his previous marriage). Former Government employee, college student and stay home mom, I’m now seeking relief from a year-long health issue. My kids no longer live with us, and I’m continuing to try and find my footing in an empty and shockingly silent nest.

Our blessings are our heartbreaks, and we persevere through difficulty to discover joys as we wait to see them again and enjoy the evolution of their distinct personalities. They never cease to amaze me as they continue to grow into thoughtful and fascinating humans.

I remain forever grateful for the friends we have, and the family we have created from those friendships. They are a huge part of my life, and I treasure spending time with them.

My all-female podcast is called Girls’ Rules and my personal blog is called Vivid Musings.

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