There are several different ways to listen to the show. You can listen to it streaming from the site; directly download the MP3 files; or subscribe to the feed(s). The benefit of subscribing is that you will always get the latest episode delivered (for free, of course) without having to remember to go check the site.

As a benefit, the programs that allow you to get the subscription (feed aggregators, or “podcatchers”) will automatically synchronize the show with your MP3 player!


To subscribe with iTunes, please use this link and subscribe from our page on the iTunes site. Pasting the other subscription addresses into iTunes may mostly work, but has proven to bring problems — truncated episodes, shows in other peoples feeds, etc.


To subscribe with a different podcatcher (Juice, MyPodder, Doppler, Nimiq, etc) please use this link.

Finally, you can subscribe to the blog with this link, which won’t automatically download the episodes, but will tell you when a new episode has been posted and allow you to stream it, or manually download it.


If you are experiencing problems with the feed (shows are cut off or something else) I will update this file with the md5 sums of each episode. This will help determine if the file was correctly downloaded or if there is another problem.

You can use a program on Windows like MD5summer to compare the md5s from the site to your downloaded files. For Macintosh or Linux you can use this procedure.

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