Episode 49: The Tao of Twitter

This week we bring you a departure from how we normally do things. This episode consists of an impromptu conversation that we had in the kitchen while nomming some tasty homemade pasta fagioli.

The topic of discussion is how people on Twitter tend to come across as Hundred Acre Wood characters. We talk about how we perceive ourselves, and how we think others may perceive us.

Please forgive the audio quality on this one. We just fired up our field recorder without really thinking about it. Just to capture the discussion and, perhaps, come back to it later. Looking back, we decided to go ahead and release it as is, without editing – aside from a couple quick cuts where there’s a loud noise, but that’s it. So it’s pretty raw and intimate. And slurp-tastic. In fact, one might even say we could stand to take an etiquette lesson or two.

Please e-mail us if it’s too distracting, as Viv is leaning towards not doing this type of recording again.

As we say in the recording, please chime in and let us know how you see yourself and perhaps how you think people perceive you!

Things we discuss:

Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting

Welcome to April. Spring has sprung and the pollen monsters are attacking our sinuses, but hey- there’s no more snow!

This time we talk about:

  • Somehow we discuss Wendy Williams Slim Jim addiction
  • Our friend Nobilis raises the question about disciplining a child when they’ve had a bad day
  • Kids getting MMO accounts hacked
  • Long distance parenting
  • Promo: Birdhouse Rules

Episode 14 – Catching Up

After an unexpected hiatus, we’re back and getting caught up. No main topic this week, just what we’ve been up to… Oh, and something new for us – a song!

This episode we discuss:

Jinkies! I think that’s the most links I’ve ever put in show notes