Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting

Welcome to April. Spring has sprung and the pollen monsters are attacking our sinuses, but hey- there’s no more snow!

This time we talk about:

  • Somehow we discuss Wendy Williams Slim Jim addiction
  • Our friend Nobilis raises the question about disciplining a child when they’ve had a bad day
  • Kids getting MMO accounts hacked
  • Long distance parenting
  • Promo: Birdhouse Rules

2 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Long Distance Parenting”

  1. I didnt believe this until someone emailed me the link.
    My question is maybe instead of listening to yourselves talk why not utilize that time wasted to get back into your kids lives? You have a woman who does not have custody of her children, for whatever reason, and a man who left J out in the wind and does not show any interest in him wasting time on some online talk bs to hear their own voices? And talk about how they have done ‘research” on various issues and whats best for children?!? If that were the case, experts, wouldnt you have custoday of your children? Call me Captain Obvious but when it’s piled this high you dont have to wait for the smell to know it’s plain old bs…drop the mic and get back in your kids lives and stop trying to convince yourselves that your good “blended” parents…Thanks.

  2. I enjoyed the show. I’m like you in thinking there is flexibility depending on grades, chores, and attitude. On the other hand we’ll send them off to bed earlier if need be. Sometimes A needs more sleep and I’ll put him to bed at 8 instead of 9. But once the agreed upon time has come, there is no second notice, there’s no talking back or there will be consequences the next day(s).

    If there is a manual to being a parent, then I lost my copy long ago. Not every family is the same, but we all have problems with our children. Having other parents to talk to, to get another point of view on a problem can be of great help to younger parents. You may not need a community to raise a child, but it sure helps to keep the parents sane and problems in perspective.

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