Episode 33 – Live from Balticon

We are proud to bring you our first live show! This was recorded over Memorial day weekend at Balticon 43.

A special thanks to everybody who came out and participated. You truly made this a special event for us!

Episode 32 – Finale’s, New Shows, and Kaylee Making Noise

A continuation of last week’s conversation, we discuss:

  • An uneventful Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Chooch sees a high school friend
  • Viv gets some herbΒ  s …. herbs!
  • Biscuit and Kath come for another visit
  • BSG Finale
  • Castle
  • Salon de Blender
  • Captial Alehouse
  • Viv’s Dad and her standing up for herself
  • LT strings concert and a slight wardrobe failure
  • Visit from Little Mama and Baby J
  • Another niece turns 21
  • California travel fail
  • Kaylee closes the show
  • Promo: Balticon 43 and Mark Van Name

Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars

Still on our catch-up but we’re almost there! Silly time keeps marching on.

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 30 – Still Catching Up

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 29 – Feedbacks

We decided to make this one a feedback episode since we haven’t addressed any in… um… well, I’d rather not say how long πŸ™‚ As a special bonus, our son LT pipes in here and there!

This episode we mention:

Episode 28 – Birthdays, Stank, and Food Food Food

Lots of catching up to do. With this one we start back at the Presidential innauguration and get to a couple weeks ago.

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 27 – Hank Has To Finish

Wanted to say a quick hidee ho to those at Farpoint. We debated going for the last month, but there’s simply too much work to do around the house, and not enough cash to spread around, to make it :-/

Buuuuut – we did have time to release a new episode!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting ready for guests and LT’s bday
  • Terry Tegler
  • Bro’s separation
  • Teacher conference, LT’s grades
  • LT’s bday
  • Tentative job offer
  • Chooch’s projects and plans
  • Promo: The Seanachai
  • Quickie feedback from Nobilis

Episode 26 – Catching Up

We recount what’s been going on the last few weeks – including a few items missed in the last cast.

In this episode we discuss:

Episode 25 – The Holidays

Yay new cast! Oh wait, that’s not my job πŸ™‚

We are happy to bring you this December cast about our Holidays and what all we’ve been up to since last time.

Correction: In the episode Chooch gives his GMail account as the name to add as a PS3 buddy. Actually, the name is “choochus2”. And for some reason, PS3 is case sensitive, so all lower case πŸ™‚

In this ep we discuss:

  • Our Thanksgiving(s)
  • LotR marathon fail
  • Chooch’s trip to California
  • Christmas
  • Nephews over
  • Video games.. and more video games
  • Little Big Planet (speaking of video games πŸ™‚
  • Last years resolutions and looking forward to 2009


Promo: Scott Sigler’s Contagious

Episode 24 – Long Time No See

Or, uh, hear πŸ™‚

Warning: Since there is so much to catch up on, this is a loooooooooong episode!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Viv’s B-DAY
  • J’S B-DAY
  • Viv’s running and progress on other goals
  • Viv’s new job
  • MA and Dan’s wedding
  • Lots of teen driving
  • Chooch’s business trip to Washington and Canada
  • Christmas in October – G1’s
  • NaNoWriMo