Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars

Still on our catch-up but we’re almost there! Silly time keeps marching on.

In this episode we discuss:

2 thoughts on “Episode 31 – Birthdays, Blizzards and Buyin’ Cars”

  1. FIRST ! Man-oh-man… Puttin my 98 Civic to shame. The new breed looks really sweet. Can’t wait to hear more about the experience.

  2. In what you said in the last part is so true. I can’t begin to tell you the pathways I’ve discovered because you shared your life with us. And as I take inspiration and apply it… I’ve found others following what I do. I don’t know why they like my art or stories, but they do, so I share… The thing that makes New media different is the community seems so will to not just show, but teach and encourage.

    Thanks for letting me hang around with you guys.

    Brian (Stormax CoX – Moonlyte twitter)

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