Episode 23 – Discussion of Discipline

Long awaited, after our BlenderCon round up is the rest of what’s been happening over the past few weeks.

This time around we talk about:

  • LT is HOME!
  • M and LTs dad over for dinner.
  • Virgin Music Festival – LT, M and GK
  • Biscuit and Kath visit!
  • Party at Brand and Allie‘s
  • City of Heroes Podcast Listener meet up
  • Plans for not going to D*C, Parsec nom for CoH Podcast
  • Dinner with Pip
  • 5K in Manassas
  • Congrats to the winners of Podcast Peer awards!
  • My birthday plan FAIL
  • Discussion of handling discipline in a blended family
  • Feedback
  • Promo: 7th Son Obsidian

Episode 16 – Overdue RavenCon Report

Long overdue cast. We recorded this a few weeks ago so the info is definitely dated. We have since recorded another show summarizing our experience at the Race for the Cure and will try to have that up in the next few days… then next week will be our report from BaltiCon!

In this episode we discuss: