We are happy to announce that we will be guests at this years Balticon and will be appearing on several panels throughout the weekend. Below is our current schedule* as well as details of the Balticon 43 New Media Party – which we’ll be hosting Saturday night!

Podcasters: We’d appreciate if you could drop our promo in your feed! Or – our new techno song fresh out of the studio 🙂

New Media Party

Day:      Saturday (2009-05-23)
Room:     Chesapeake
Start time: 23:00
Duration:      ???

Come as your favorite Podiobook or web comic character or author. Then meet, mingle, and party down with the new media stars of today. Tee Morris is our special guest DJ for the evening and there will be plenty of Web Comic artists, and Podiobook authors to rub elbows with.

Yes, this is a costume party! We will pick our favorites and be handing out prizes like;

Need some inspiration?? Check out these links for some awesome content. Amazing artwork, hilarious jokes, and some of the best fiction both published and not (yet!):

Podiobooks and other online audio:

Chooch and Viv together:

Live!: Into The Blender

Day: Sunday (2009-05-24)
Start time: 20:00
Duration: 01:00

A lively discussion on gaming with your family, followed by an open audience Q&A.

Your hosts Chooch and Viv discuss parenting; blended families; dealing with work, long distance family relationships, health; pop culture, and much gadgetry geekiness. Oh, and puppies! In this session we will be focusing on gaming with your family and taking questions from the audience.

Podcasting Couples

Day: Saturday (2009-05-23)
Room: Chesapeake
Start time: 17:00
Duration:      01:00

Family dynamics affect the show off and on the mic.

Podcasting in pair or groups can be a difficult dynamic to deal with. It gets worse when you wake up next to the person you might want to talk about on the air. The dynamic between couples isn’t always easy, but it gets worse when you do shows together. Our panel of couples talk about how they create within the bounds of a healthy relationship.

Chooch will also be on the following panels:

Technology: Podcasting’s Rocket Fuel

Day Sunday (2009-05-24)
Room Derby
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00

Podcasting and related media are enabled by technology. You don’t need mad hacker skills to use them but to push the envelope of what they can do, it sure helps. Come discuss how podcasting is making technology accessible hence enabling a virtuous circle for creators willing to do a little hacking.

But Honey, Its for the Studio

Day Saturday (2009-05-23)
Room Chesapeake
Start time 16:00
Duration 01:00

The balance between the perfect sound and family bliss.

Upgrading your gear is a serious temptation. In these trying economic times, bargains abound and the desire for some new shiny device in your studio sometimes outweighs the other factors in your life. Our panel of technophiles talk about what’s out there, where to buy it cheap, and when you should buy it. We all love our gear, but we shouldn’t deprive our families of food and shelter for the next new gadget.

After the Recording is Done

Day Monday (2009-05-25)
Room Derby
Start time 14:00
Duration 01:00

What to do after recording your podcast.

There are a lot of tutorials, presentations, and classes on how to record a podcast but when it gets to posting and sharing your cast, things seem to get glossed over. There are many components working in concert to make a podcast feed. This session aims to explain what each of those components are and how they function together. Further, we hope to show you how you can save money by picking and choosing what services provide each piece.

This session will cover: choosing a hosting provider, choosing blog/podcast software; tagging mp3s; writing show notes; uploading files to a host; posting an episode; feed creation; and finally statistics/tracking.

Advanced Digital Recording

Day Monday (2009-05-25)
Room Derby
Start time 15:00
Duration 01:00

This session will go beyond the basics of recording a voice with your built in audio program. We will give an overview of the various types of audio recording equipment and techniques of non-linear audio editing. This should help you in creating advanced productions such as multi-voice dramatizations, music recording and mixing, as well as carry over into video production.

This session will cover: mixing board types and interfaces; microphone types; non-linear audio editing and effects (cut, shift, cross fade, noise reduction, compression, noise gating); multi-track mixing and recording different audio resources.

* Schedule is subject to change, but we’ll keep this page up to date. Please check back here before heading into any panel to make sure that the time or room hasn’t changed!

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