Episode 12 – The C Word

This week we discuss Chooch’s brother’s terminal cancer and his decisions regarding treatment. We also talk about his nephew who is heading into the National dirtbike/mx competitions and touring the country.

Topics include:

Episode 11 – Interview with MAinPA

This week we discuss our trip to Philadelphia; T’s birthday party(s); A healthy Super Bowl party; and our weekly weigh-ins.

Then we are proud to bring an interview with MAinPA in which we discuss how to make your kids birthday special when it is so close to Christmas, as well as other challenges with January birthdays.


  • Birthday Express (actually part of Celebrate Express)
  • Frets on Fire — I didn’t mention on the show, but this is a completely free/open source program that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux! It includes the ability to play with a Guitar controller.
  • Flash Hero (aka Keytar Hero)
  • Promo: Better Late Than Never

Episode 9 – Resolved

This episode almost reaches our time goal — not bad since its about New Years resolutions and goals!

We discuss;
Chooch’s New Schedule
Chooch on business trip
2nd anniversary of Viv’s mother passing
Chooch’s goals for 2008
Viv’s goals for 2008
I Should Be Writing
Mike Stackpole’s The Secrets
Geek Acres

Episode 8 – Challenges with Holiday schedules

This week we discuss our Christmas and New Years and the challenges in scheduling so many different family elements. We talk about the new recording gear that Santa brought. Then we jump into an impromptu media review of a few podiobook titles.


We cn haz promo!

We now have our very own Podcast Promo. Feel free to share this with anybody and everybody!

If you play it in a podcast of your own, please let us know and we’ll return the favor with some linkage and promo love.

Special thanks to Biscuit of Kulture Kast for sharing his sitcom announcer voice 🙂

Episode 7 – Holiday Traditions

We hope everybody had (is having?) a wonderful Holiday. This was recorded a few days before Christmas, so it includes a lot of speculation of the holiday. Now that its past, we had a wonderful day and everybody is very happy and contented.

This episode includes:

  • Our Holiday traditions
  • A call from MAinPA
  • A call from Doug Rapson
  • M’s Holiday concert at school
  • ‘Hey Wanna Watch A Movie’ podcast


Episode 6 – 80s Toys and Games

A conversation on Twitter lead to our discussion this week about toys and games we played with as kids in the 80s.

Don’t forget – we are still looking for Holiday traditions to share. Please leave a voicemail, e-mail, or comment here on the site and share yours! 413-669-4720

Episode 5 – Addendum

Hey, this is Chooch and I wanted to post a quick little addendum to our request from the last episode. In reviewing the episode I realized that I had asked for people to send in their “Christmas” traditions. Well, I truly meant to say “Holiday” traditions – since clearly there is a lot more than Christmas going on this time of year.

We haven’t discussed Religion on the show yet, but I’m sure it will happen sooner or later. The concept of blending families could clearly refer to bringing children from previous marriages together (which is our case) or bringing diverse religions, races, ethnicities and cultures together. All of which is appropriate to the show, and are all certainly welcome.

So – with that in mind – please call with ANY of your traditions, be it holiday specific or not. I am fascinated by all of the above, and I’m sure your fellow listeners are as well.

The number to call is: 413-669-4720
Or, you can send an e-mail to intotheblender -at- gmail.com
Or – leave a comment here on the site – whichever is most comfortable for you, we’d love to hear from you!

Episode 5 – Game and Movie sites for parents

This week we talk about some game and movie resources for parents that give in-depth reviews and ratings of content. Much better than the minimal (and usually inaccurate) info that the MPAA, RIAA, and ESRB give.

We didn’t discuss This Film Is Not Yet Rated in the episode, but we watched it recently, and highly recommend it- especially as a parent. It will greatly open your eyes to the shortcomings of the MPAA film ratings process!!

Items Covered include:

Episode 004 – Revving up for the holidays

This week we talk about starting to prepare for the Holidays. The difficulties of coordinating presents with extended, and out of state family (and ex-spouses).