Episode 58 – First Times

This episode is a continuation from Ep 57

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ladies’ Craft Day, Uterus Holding and Planning World peace
  • Manly Day of Brewing and Boy Talk and Games for the Monkeys (Heroscape)
  • Ethiopian Cuisine Adventures
  • Ditched By Kate performed their inaugural show with the new name at IOTA
  • Promo: Nutty Bites

One thought on “Episode 58 – First Times”

  1. For your new segment I like the name “It’s Mine!” and perhaps use the audio of Daffy Duck saying “It’s mine!” Over and over. I’m trying to find the sound sample but that’s what poped into my head, perhaps Chooch will have better luck then me, he does have stronger googlefu when it comes to audio

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