Episode 56 – Don’t Call It A Comeback, We’ve Been Here For Years


  • Phasing-in a new format
    • Sharing finds
    • New web site look
    • Perhaps new theme music
    • Considering a new segment for cross promotion – if you’re a friend of the show, meaning you’ve been on or had a promo played you are, standard dependent, welcome to join us or send audio to promote your new podcast, book, project or whatever. If you’ve not been featured on the show, send it along and we’ll review it for compatibility with our show!


  • Viv
    • Medication change after a terrible result from going medication free.
    • Taking the semester off and getting old projects completed and starting new ones.
    • Running and exercising again after a 2 month lapse due to sinus infection, Cipro concerns, ankle problems and icy conditions.
    • LT’s birthday, 14. Girls, drums, girls, friends, girls and girls.
  • Chooch
    • DbK album update (and new recordings)
    • Return to Facebook
    • Writing – Short story for Philippa Ballantine’s Geist, novel, secret project and …
    • Very Scary Art project by Helen Madden


  • Viv
    • Drunk History – Web series by Derek Waters. Probably NSFW or for young kids since the historians are visibly drunk and the language is not ‘G’ rated.

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