Episode 22 – BlenderCon 2008

Today brings a brief episode where we discuss the recently completed BlenderCon 2008. In an upcoming episode we will discuss everything that’s been going on over the past four weeks, but we wanted to make sure to get something to you and were just so excited about this recent event.

2 thoughts on “Episode 22 – BlenderCon 2008”

  1. I’m so happy to see another podcast poured from the blender. When does pre-registration for BlenderCon 09 start? When can we expect to see BlenderCon on the west coast? I joke.
    Thanks for sharing Chooch and Viv. Good luck with back to school.

  2. Hi guys! Just listened to the podcast, great as usual. I wish, wish, wish, you guys lived in Pittsburgh! You guys sound like exactly the type of folks I’d like to have in my circle of friends: witty, creative, fun-loving, and sharing a lot of the same tastes in books, movies, tv shows, etc. Keep cranking out the podcasts when you can, I’m DYING to hear of al of the events leading up to school starting. Take care!

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